About Us

Welcome to Terrax

Terrax was created from the passion and love for our work, we provide efficient and high-quality construction solutions, supported by a highly trained and experienced team. Our motivation is achieving excellent results and the satisfaction of our clients, team, and homeowners when they see how we transform challenges into resolved tasks.

We have a wide range of services with the best profitable and effective solutions that maximize the value of your project and allow you to save time and money. We also support other trades to help ensure that projects are completed on time. We take care of  repair instead of replacing, delivering solutions of the highest quality.



Years of Experience

Knoledge team, experience and quality guarantee

We have the best solutions to repair instead of buying again. A good example is when someone accidentally damages the floor causing a chip, our solution is to repair it with the highest quality that you could even think that the damaged piece is new, thus avoiding buying another piece and even uninstalling many pieces of the floor to install it again.